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Lay-Z Spa Vegas Hot Tub
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If you want a to treat yourself after a day’s hard work, a sweaty workout or a stressful day at home, soaking in a hot tub is the best option. If you don’t have a hot tub because it is too expensive, you better get an inflatable hot tub.

It is cheaper but offers the same benefits as the expensive hot tubs. If you have enough budget to get a decent inflatable hot tub, we suggest that you consider Lay-Z-Spa Vegas.

What is Lay-Z-Spa Vegas

This inflatable hot tub is designed for luxury, relaxation, comfort and portability. This product is very versatile. It offers you exciting features that you often find in traditional fixed hot tubs with the benefits of being inflatable, portable and affordable. Due to its impressive features and high-quality performance, this item was the best-selling hot tub last year, suggesting that it is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a spa experience at home.

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Features

This inflatable hot tub has built-in features that make it efficient and reliable. You can find the said features below.

Digital Control Panel – The Lay-Z-Spa Vegas is equipped with a control panel that makes operating the spa easy and convenient for you. With this feature, you can adjust the temperature, the bubbles, timer, header and other function with just a touch of a button and without getting off the spa.

Quick and Easy set up – Vegas is very easy and quick to set up. In fact, you can set it up and fill it with water in just around 10 minutes. Installation is straightforward, you can do it yourself without any tools or help from a professional. The product includes a set up and maintenance DVD to guide you through the set up.

87 Soothing Air Jets – Lay-Z-Spa includes a rejuvenating AirJet massage system that includes 81 all-surrounding air jets around the perimeter of the floor. It produces soothing bubbles that offer you a smooth and relaxing spa experience. It takes your pain and worries away and reinvigorates you physically and emotionally.

Large Capacity – This inflatable hot tub fits 4 to 6 individuals making it a good material for hot tub parties. This is also a great way to relax when you want to bond with your friends or family.

Sturdy construction – Lay-Z-Spa Vegas features a strong and durable quad horizontal ring construction, making it durable and sleek at the same time. This product is a great value for money because you will surely enjoy its service for years.

Water Filter – Lay-Z-Spa Vegas includes a water filtration system that keeps the water clear, clean and purified. It also includes two filter cartridges and a filter-housing unit.

Extras – This item includes a leatheroid cover with an inflatable lid and a double lock safety clip. It also includes a chemical floater, filter cartridges, and set up and maintenance DVD.

1-Year Extendable Warranty – Lay-Z-Spas come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Customers can extend this by an extra 6 month by registering the details online.

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Reviews

Customers who already bought Lay-Z-Spa Vegas were very glad that they did. This inflatable hot tub goes beyond their expectations, which impresses them so much. Here are some reviews from the satisfied Vegas users.

Darren Grant said that he was not expecting much from this product. He thought it was just a gimmick but given the good weather during the summer, he decided to get one and he was surprised. “I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, it clearly doesn’t compare to a spa with directable jets but it has a ring of air holes around the outer edge at the bottom and the pump is powerful enough to create reasonable bubbles to create an enjoyable experience. We have had fun with it and it performs well considering the price range,” Grant wrote.

“Really really impressed, works really well,” another Amazon customer said about his experience with the inflatable hot tub.

“Great value for money. Easy to set up,” wrote Caroline Walker.

There is no doubt that Lay-Z-Spa is good at what they do and customers will be more impressed with the brand when they get Vegas because it offers a better and superb spa experience.

Ratings: 4.3 / 5


If you want an excellent and superb inflatable hot tub, we recommend Lay-Z-Spa Vegas. This item is a bit pricey compared to others portable hot tubs, but it offers more. If your budget allows you to invest in this tub, then by all means, get it because Vegas is a great value for money. Get your Lay-Z-Spa Vegas here.

source: lay-z spa


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