Are Inflatable Mattresses Bad For Your Back? No, Sleeping On Air Can Soothe Back Pain!

Inflatable Mattress Back Pain
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Was there a time in your life when you strive to achieve a restful sleep because of your bed? Maybe you are too tired and you want to sleep right away but your mattress does not offer the comfort you deserve. Or perhaps, you have a condition that requires you a soothing bed but your current spring bed can’t deliver it. In most cases, many of us just wake up and get out of our bed with excruciating back pain as if we’ve been beaten overnight when we just slept.

A soft and relaxing bed surface is what we need for a luxurious rest. Unfortunately, not all bed can deliver this. In fact, some hefty priced mattresses still disappoint us when it comes to this issue.

Before you feel hopeless about beds, here’s good news! Inflatable mattresses may help you relieve your back pain. This is not a hype because a number of airbed users have already experienced this. In fact, one of the health benefits that you can get from this mattress is its ability to provide relief from back pains.

If you want to enjoy the same benefit this article will help you understand why airbeds are not bad for your back and what makes inflatable mattresses helpful instead.

Why Do You Experience Back Pain?

Why Do You Experience Back Pain
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Personally, there are times when I felt terrible even after sleeping for long hours. I can’t pinpoint the reason why. If just like me you are wondering too, James Menta provided some potential reasons why we experience back and shoulder pain. Check it out below.

Back injury – If you have an injury, no matter what the cause, a strained disc is putting pressure on the nerves that may result in back pains and aches in other body parts affected with the controlling nerve.

Weak back muscles – This may cause bad posture and cause too much stress on the spine that may result to back pain too.

Poor sleeping posture and lifestyle – If you work entails long hours of sitting and little to no exercise this may cause back and shoulder pains too. The tension in the neck muscles is thought to cause your headaches, and neck and back pains.

Lack of support from your sleeping surface – Yes, the quality of support that you enjoy from your bed matters. If it is too poor or doesn’t offer an adequate support for a long time, it may cause spine joints dislocation and compressed nerves, which also leads to chronic back pain.

Too much support – Sleeping on a bed that is too firm that it offers “too much support” can be bad too as this can also cause your spine to be in an unnatural position and cause the same problem as when you are sleeping in a too soft bed.

The Real Solution is Here!

Firmness Adjustment! Inflatable mattresses are inflatable and deflatable, so you can adjust its firmness. Yes, firmness is the solution to alleviate your back pain.

Here’s a photo of how the firmness of your mattress can affect the quality of your sleep especially on your back pain complaints.

The photo shows that the mattress with the right support aligns your spine for an enjoyable rest and revitalizing sleep. A too soft or hard bed has the same effect. It does not align your spine which may lead to back pains.

The firmness of traditional spring beds is not adjustable. When you purchase one, you have to decide if you prefer a soft or hard bed because you have to live with it for years. Unless, of course, you can afford to purchase another one if you feel uncomfortable with your first purchase. Nevertheless, this is too costly and it is not practical to keep on buying a new mattress. What you need is a mattress with adjustable firmness.

If you don’t feel great upon waking up on your inflatable mattress, you can adjust its firmness until you get the right support that suits your body. Some airbeds come with customized pre-setting relative to firmness like plush, medium or firm. It automatically adjusts the air pressure in your inflatable air mattress to achieve your preferred settings. You can’t do this with your spring bed.

How Inflatable Air Mattresses Alleviate Your Back Pain

How Inflatable Air Mattresses Alleviate Your Back Pain
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Aside from allowing you to adjust the firmness airbeds work wonderfully to give you a good rest. Here’s a short list to help you understand how this mattress works for your benefit.

  • It aligns your spine for a better sleeping posture. We already know that a bad sleeping posture can cause back pain.
  • It alleviates your pressure points for a better blood circulation. That is why hospitals use this type of bed when the condition is crucial.
  • It distributes your weight evenly, so your muscles won’t overwork during the night.

Factors You Have To Consider if You Have Back Pain And Want To Purchase An Air Mattress

Factors You Have To Consider if You Have Back Pain And Want To Purchase An Air Mattress
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If you need a bed that offers the perfect firmness and the right support, an inflatable mattress is for you. However, before you head to the local store near you or order it online, you should check our buy guide for air mattresses.

Raised air mattress – Most inflatable mattresses are designed with raised height. This does not only give you the convenience of getting in and out of bed but it also provides a better support for your spine and muscles. When looking for a bed, make sure that its raised height is somewhere between your knees and hips.

Built-in air pump – The airbed you purchase should have these features so you won’t have to do the manual pumping. This act needs a hard labor and will be a strain for your rickety back.

Airflow control – This feature enables you to adjust the firmness of your bed according to what is most comfortable for your back.

PVC Material – This material is durable and most importantly, it is comfortable. It doesn’t leak air in the middle of the night and it is not slippery when you turn. Of course, you don’t want to make a wrong turn that your back can’t handle while you sleep.


Inflatable airbeds are not bad for your back but it is helpful in soothing back pain. A number of individuals claim that this type of mattress is not as great as the traditional beds when it comes to support and firmness. However, if you keep on pushing them and ask for the details, they can’t support their theory why traditional beds are better.

Meanwhile, based on the statement above, the airbed’s adjustable firmness is its strong edge against the traditional beds when it comes to alleviating your back pain. Most inflatable airbeds also come with raised height for additional support and for easier slipping in and out of bed.

Overall, sleeping on airbed has some advantages over the traditional coil spring bed. Do you agree that inflatable mattresses can soothe your back pain? Have you experienced it first hand? Are you willing to try?

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