How Long Do Inflatable Mattresses Last?

Inflatable Mattress
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Inflatable mattresses are a lot cheaper than traditional beds. However, they also have a shorter warranty and lifespan. It is difficult to think of an airbed that will serve you for a decade or more but purchasing one that only works for a couple of days or weeks is a poor buy as inflatable mattresses are not that inferior too. So, what’s the usual lifespan of an inflatable air bed?

Average Lifespan of Airbeds

Average Lifespan of Airbeds
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According to Sleep Like The Dead, airbeds have good longevity and lifespan. It might be difficult to believe but yes, they are. However, this can be costly.

The reason for the longevity of inflatable mattresses is its design. Most of its parts are replaceable. For instance, if the pump is defective you can either fix or replace it. If the air bladder, air pump or comfort layer is problematic you can change it.

If you are good at handling your airbeds and if you are willing to replace any defective part, your inflatable mattress can last up to over 8 years. However, it has fair durability. Over 25% of the airbed owners reported that at least one part of the bed needs replacement over the course of their ownership.

The lifespan of your inflatable airbed depends on several factors like its quality which largely depends on its raw material, the frequency of usage, how you handle it and even the environment where it is used. So, let’s check out how long inflatable mattresses could last by examining the various elements that could affect its longevity.

Raw Materials Used

Raw Materials Used in Airbeds
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One of the things I love about inflatable mattresses is the variety it offers. It comes in different sizes, quality and prices. There are very cheap inflatable mattresses that work well and very expensive ones that are packed with powerful features.

When it comes to the quality of inflatable airbeds, users have different opinions especially when you relate it to its price. Many believe that the more expensive an item is, the more reliable it is. However, some suggest that all airbeds are the same so going after the cheaper ones is more practical.

I suggest that you look at the quality and not the price. By this, I meant that you consider the materials used, the pumps whether its built-in or external, and the ease of setting up and storage to name a few. These rare the factors that directly affect the lifespan of your airbed, so if you want to own one that lasts examine these elements closely.

  • Materials – The durability of an airbed could be attributed to the materials used in manufacturing it. Airbeds are made of different materials like PVC, laminated vinyl, rubber or textile-reinforced urethane. If you go for PVC make sure that it is at least 20 gauge or higher. Gauge is the unit to measure the thickness of vinyl. The thicker it is the better. A pinhole leak would change your entire airbed experience. So if possible, get an airbed that it is made from heavy-duty material. The type that does not leak easily.
    Do not get a bed that is as thin as a regular plastic that it can hardly support your weight. When the material is too thin, chances for its survival is slim.
  • Pump – Inflatable mattresses may be equipped with a built-in or external pump. The former is more comfortable and convenient to use but the latter is more durable and cheaper. If you purchase an airbed with a built-in pump you just need to plug it and turn a knob to inflate or deflate the mattress. Yes, very user-friendly, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the pump gets defected prior to the mattress itself. The worst part is, repairing a built-in pump could be costly that replacing the entire airbed is much more practical. So, if you want an airbed that could last long an external pump is more agreeable. You can replace it easily because it is cheaper and it doesn’t matter whatever type you get.

The materials used in building your inflatable mattress contribute to its quality and durability. Thus, it is very important that you check the quality in terms of its raw materials and not the price.

Your Manner of Handling

Your Manner of Handling an Airbed
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The way you take good care of your airbed mattress matters. Handling and storage is an important factor in its lifespan. You cannot just fold it and store an airbed anywhere you like. Here are some tips to lengthen your years with your airbed.

  • Keep it away from sharp objects – The best way to keep your inflatable mattresses in its best condition is to keep it in a safe place. Make sure that it is far from any sources of punctures and cuts. Also keep your pets away from it. Your dog or cat might scratch it and worse puncture it.
  • No jumping – One of the things that kids often love to do in the spring beds is jumping on it. Unfortunately, this is a big no-no for inflatable mattresses. The sudden force can severely damage the product. Each impact will cause the air to go downward and stretch the bottom and side fibers. Aside from this, it might remove the air plug and the air hole. In case, this happens, it will impair the mattress’ ability to keep the air inside.
  • Do not inflate too much – The product has a limit of inflation tolerance. You should be careful not to over inflate it as it will fully stretch the mattress providing no room for strain and pressure that mitigates stress.
  • Only deflate a few times if possible – Yes, I understand that what we love more about airbeds is its ability to inflate and deflate but it doesn’t really mean that you have to do this often. Sleeping on an air mattress everyday is possible but you don’t have to inflate and deflate it every day. Unless, of course, you don’t have enough space for it in the morning.

Most use this to accommodate their guests who only stay for a night or two. They deflate it to store it and inflate it again when they have to. But did you know that performing a full deflation and inflation often also shortens its lifespan? So, if you do this often, expect to replace your airbed sooner.

  • Use a mattress topper – This will make your sleep more comfortable but it also offers additional support and protection to your airbed.
  • Proper storage – If you are not using your inflatable mattress, keep it in a clean and dry place. Keep it away from extreme temperature.
  • Use it with care – Aside from proper storage, be a responsible user. Clean your inflatable mattress, re-inflate it regularly and maintain its air pressure. Also, always pay attention to the weight limit. Inflatable mattresses are designed to cater different weight around 400 to 600 lbs.


It is true that inflatable mattresses have impressive longevity but keeping on replacing the defective parts can be costly. In fact, there are times when it is more practical to replace the defective airbed with a new one.

Nevertheless, you can do something to extend the lifespan of your air mattress. The tips above may add years to you and your inflatable bed.

Do you agree that airbeds can last up to 8 years? Are you willing to spend to fix the defective part of your inflatable mattress or do you find it more practical to get a cheaper airbed and just replace it with a new one if there are problems? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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